Find Your Perfect Pat to Hit Your Goals

How would it feel to finally hit your dream goals?



We all have them. But how do you take those goals and turn them into success?


Let me show you.

Pick your path to hit your goals and build a business you're super proud of.

When you're proud of what you do and in true alignment with your goals,

your ability to talk about your business flows with confidence and attracts others to you!


Isn't THAT the meaning of success in an online business?

Attracting people who want to work with you?!


Start Small, Grow Big.

A coaching program that includes coaching + community + mini-courses AND accountability = so you can finally HIT YOUR GOALS.


Membership is flexible, but I'm telling you...

Commit to the next 3 months with us and you'll take your business to the next level.


Friends, I created a program here that's comprised of a combination of coaching, community, masterclasses, coaching calls, plus both self-serve courses and live workshops to help you get to the place you really want to be.


I've realized that without one of these puzzle pieces, we struggle for success.


Start Small with actionable steps, Grow Big with a Community by your side cheering you on.

 The program is designed for a minimum of a 3-6 month commitment to allow time, space, and a healthy approach to implementation.


Success takes time. 

Commit to your success because no one else will. 

I commit to showing up and holding space for you.

Imagine if...

You could confidently put your feet up at the end of each day knowing you have a plan to get the job done and feel good about your business.

All that’s missing is step-by-step guidance and direction on exactly what to do now to move your business further – and how to do it in fun, fresh ways. 
And that’s where I come in. 


I’ve created a simple solution to your online business woes, your frustrated struggles doing it alone, and your feelings of doing it alone. 




I'll meet you where you're at now and we will create a plan on where to go from there. Together.


Are you ready to stay on track so you can wow your readers with your best content, share offers they can't resist AND feel GREAT at the end of the day knowing you have moved forward towards hitting your big dream goal?
Then, it's time to join us:


Start Small Grow Big Club.


It’s time to learn how to squeeze every drop of goodness out of all the amazing content you create, work with a few of your peers as we co-create our businesses, stay accountable and on track –and quit letting all your hard work go to waste!  


So, if you want to: 

  • Save Time on Content Creation 

    We talk about about repurposing in the club so you have more time to spend with clients–or your family.

  • Build Relationships, Find Leads and Make Money over and over again.  (This is a real thing–and I can show you how to do grow a list of VIP's who love your work)   

  • Make it Fun: Create a business around the lifestyle you love.. not the other way around. 

  • Work Your Goals with Your Pals: A community is all about doing it together.


    What are your goals?

    We can help you reach them

 What really goes on inside The Club?

Sick of memberships doing too much or too little and not being a good fit?  Yeah, us too.  We focus on community above all else. Our Facebook community group is about like-minded women coming together to help one another grow and never feel alone in their business.  As the founder, I may be the host and coach, but this community is all about YOU. 

🐛 My vision is to direct you to the resources you need or help get you unstuck so you can truly soar. 🦋 

  • Post Ability in Community

    Are you in a group with limited post ability to ask your questions or no real content plan?  Our community is open and helpful AND has a content sharing plan. It's kind of my fave thing to do 💁‍♀️


     🗣 Come with the intention of helping others, sharing tips & feedback, and connecting in a safe female-only space. Know that I take the safe space very seriously because the community is the ❤️ of The Club.


    p.s We have a ZERO spam policy 👌

  • Engagement + Accountability is key 🔑  to succeed in your business AND in The Club.


    Like hitting your health goals, no one can do business building tasks but you. We're here to keep you on track with tags to check in with you. 📲 Tagging & keeping in touch is huge in The Club.  Don't think you will be left behind here. 🙌

  • Live Video Growth Workshops


Check out the Community Calendar

Coaching: you might not need it every day, but when you do, you want a group that's there for you.


Secret Steps to hitting your goalsthat no one wants to tell you:

When you miss one of these puzzle piece steps, I find you struggle to succeed.  


    What is the BIG thing that's calling you? Figuring out what you want to do and why you want to do it, is step one. Let's dream big! What are your big passions you want to see and create in the world? What is that whisper in the back of your mind you can't quiet and really want to do? Dream big with me! 




  • 2




    Using gifts only you have, leaning into your genius and doing the things that light you up will require you to have a plan - a roadmap to get you there. How are you going to do that thing you want to do?  Who do you need to connect with? What tools do you need?  Figuring out the who, what, where, when, and how of your business and making money is often the biggest struggle.  I can help! 


    Do the work and be coachable. We think we will, we say we will, but when it comes to actually doing the work it takes to test and refine your business, are you taking action?  Are you coachable to feedback? It's ultimately up to you to put the work in to get you where you want, but a coach, accountability check-in's and cheerleadering peers sure do help!




  • 4




    Online business entrepreneurship, especially for women, can be lonely, taxing on our health, and a rollercoaster. What helps?!  Not doing it solo!. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, motivated, wildly creative, caring woman helps every time. I've seen it first hand and constantly study (and apply) what works in best in these types of communities.  Join us so you can feel it too.


  • Access a library of self-serve courses inside the Member Area to help you with Mindset, Business Strategy, Content Creation, and Marketing, even Healthy Meals, so you have resources available if and when you need them to keep you balanced and on track. 

  • Zoom LIVE Group Coaching Calls

    Join weekly Mastermind calls in the VIP Plan. Join monthly group coaching calls inside the Member plan. The Goal is to come together in an intimate group to co-coach, share goals, ask questions, and stay accountable to one another so you can achieve your goals. 

  • Community Centered Facebook Group

    Keep in touch with us in a Facebook Group Community where you can ask for peer feedback, access content, submit questions, and share wins.

  • Action Focused Workbooks

    Engagement is Key. This program is designed (and has been tested) to give you the tools you need to create the content and business you desire, however, your engagement is your wild card to success. Those who show up and participate gain clarity and success, faster. 

“If there's ONE thing that's moved my business forward, faster, it's a community. Community helps you take action, get things done, and not feel alone by surrounding yourself with amazing-like minded people.

- Kelly

If you...

  • have a vision for your life, your family.

  • are ready to take action.

  • feel you know the basics.

  • are ready to level-up.

  • want to do all the things you know you can do.

  • want to be in a totally different place in ONE year.

  • don't want to be just a number in a bigger group.

  • want a coach you can actually reach out to.


The Start Small Grow Big Club 

is perfect for you.

Dreams to Done

Goals & Planning

Are you playing small?

Are you stuck in dreamland? Want to learn how to go from dreams to DONE?

This workshop will help you create a plan and attain your goals to create your business so you can get paid what you are worth!

Create a Product that Sells

Business Strategy

Everyone needs their own product / service. That's what I firmly believe.

Learn what to sell and how to test your market with the Will it Sell workbook and strategies to create a product you can promote with confidence.

Abundance Journals


Wildly Creative Caring Women like yourself, need a place to grow their minds, share views and keep an inspired personal journal for an abundance mindset.  This journal and it's prompts will guide you in that direction.

Find Your

Zone of Genius


Get paid (really well) to do the things only you can do, that fill you up and give you joy! This workshop & workbook helps you create the business of your dreams that perfectly matches with what you're good at plus what comes easy to you so you can turn all your content into cash!

Keywords in Your Business

Business Strategy

SEO and Keywords are how we are found on Google. In this course you'll learn how to format your entire business around these powerful words and create what you are known for as well as the pillars of your business.

Rock a CEO Mindset

Business Growth

Dive into why it's difficult for us female solopreneurs to claim the title CEO and how to overcome those fears, break through roadblocks so we can finally grow a business we love.

Little Black Book for Online Success

Online Business Set-Up

Grab my Little Black Book of 130+ Things You Must Do for Online Business Success! This checklist is truly sure to help you get it all done from setting up your website and blog to your social accounts.  You won't miss a beat with this!

Build Your Content Home

Content Strategy

 From Blog, to Vlogs, to Podcast, every great content producer starts with a home platform full of Long Form Content. This course shows you how to create on each of these platforms + MONETIZE it!

Rock Your Content Repurposing Workshop

Content Strategy

You've heard about repurposing but maybe haven't heard it done like this.  Never run out of things to say, posts to share, or ways to share in your own voice by using this strategy. 

Relationship Marketing 

Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create an email marketing plan, a VIP community of repeat clients, and multiple ways to love on them with your unique products and services. 

Path to Pinterest Success

Marketing Strategy

Want Momentum in your business AND a repurpose plan that kicks butt? Pinterest is the place to be! This workshop show you the basics to get that account and strategy set up and on FIRE! 


MyCoach Meals 

Healthy Meals & Recipes

You're busy.  I get it.  AND, it's hard to know what to cook and find the time to test new recipes.  I'm adding issue 1 of MyCoach magazine a digital meal plan/ recipe guide to be a resource for you as you balance your healthy life & business. 





  • Coaching:  Access a coach who gets you, holds space for you, and listens to help you figure out and DO what you want to be doing!

  • Community Join the conversations in weekly mastermind calls, in the member area comments, and in a private Facebook group.  Community is what allows up to grow and not feel so alone doing it alone.

  • Accountability Because without it there's no one following up on your goals or helping you, cheering for you. to not only hit them, but to love the process in your journey. Not sure about you, but I've tried to run my business without accountability.. the path was a much greater struggle. Have you tried it?

  • Support Doing anything in life alone is well.. boring. Surrounding yourself with like minded wildly, caring, creative woman is a ton more fun.  Women need sisterhood.  It's in our DNA. 

Start Small Grow Big HealthCoachKel Kelly Miller Healthy Hackers Club

I’m Kelly Miller,



"You really don't know your highest potential until you work with a coach who gets you." - Kelly

About me...

Quick Responder.  Biggest Cheerleader.  Positive. Supportive. 


These are the core attributes that drive my business. 


Hey there! I’m Kelly, a certified holistic health coach turned healthy hacker business coach.


I've run many "brick and mortar" businesses, in one I grew our revenue over 400%!  When I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition- not knowing how to run an online health coaching business -  I wrote a cookbook instead! 


Then the big question became: 


How do I market myself and create an online audience?


And after eight years of learning, testing and streamlining, I finally found my answer. 


The good news: It probably won’t take you eight years to find yours. 


How do I know this?


I’ve created this Start Small, Grow Big Coaching Program to help you get there too.  


When I’m not coaching or jamming out to 90s hits in the kitchen, I can be found writing or planning my next road trip (where are my fellow freedom lovers at?!).


I believe in sisterhood over competition, and have learned that mindset and community are the foundation to a healthy life and business. 


My mantra: Let it be freeing, generous and easy. 

Let me be your coach!

Grow Like a Pro with Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Is there a refund or guarantee?

What are we as students expected to do?

Success Stories

If you're looking for someone who is supportive, trustworthy, gentle but strong in getting you to feel confident in your aspirations and has great ideas to get you where you want to go in your business,  you can't go wrong working with Kelly.

I had often thought about working with a business coach to help me move along faster toward my goals. But I took the leap unexpectedly and wholeheartedly when I learned that Kelly had a new coaching program. 


I was able to "see" her personality through the many conversations online with me and in the group we met in.


I loved her down to earth personality and her seemingly always positive attitude which I gravitate towards.


As we continued our connection and eventually met in person, she was just as lively and sweet as she was online. I felt very comfortable around her.


Her program was serendipitous as I had been working on some projects that I really needed guidance and input on. But I was holding myself back. Since joining the group program, I have come very far in my pursuit to change the trajectory of my business and have completed and even started and completed things I though would take much longer. 


The other business women in the group were so supportive and like minded that with Kelly at the helmet, we were able to push each other further than any of us thought and Express ourselves in a safe space.


I've learned so much from her knowledge in many aspects of business and a lot about myself too.

Sue Glenn

Diverse Marketing & Web Design

My ambassador of quan. You have helped me find my Zone of Genius!! And your coaching program is stellar, seriously load of support and VALUE!! Last night's call alone met me where I am at! (double high five emoji)

If you are getting started in your business or just need help to build your existing business. Kelly Miller is the girl for you.


Kelly has helped me pinpoint the direction my business needs to go, she made sure I build a business that brings me joy. And has given me direction and steps to take every step of the way.


As well as one of my biggest struggles, with tech support. Kelly is a friend, cheerleader, that is highly knowledgeable. If she doesn't know the answer, she will point you in the right direction.

Alma Ronquillo

Nourished by Alma











Are you ready to do this?



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